Uncategorized June 25, 2021 | 8:36 am

Dominican National Lottery defies the betting parlors

Santo Domingo.- “The Lottery has been dedicated to making drawings that are not hers and that is an activity in which I, personally, who promised to be there provisionally and promised it to the president (Luis Abinader), but under those conditions, I don’t stay at that institution for another minute, holding raffles? No, no, no, or the raffles will be removed or the next day I will go home.”

The warning came Thur. from Lottery administrator Teófilo (Quico) Tabar, who defends his decision to terminate the contracts with the National Federation of Lottery Parlors (Fenabanca) through which the institution he directs carries out the raffles that sell bets.

He argues that those contracts were signed without the due authorization of the Executive Power, since there is no special power or decrees that determined it, but rather they were the particular decisions of the past administrators of the National Lottery with the members of the Federation.

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