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One month of blasts could rattle eastern towns

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Defense warned Tue. that the Industrial Geotechnical Services (IGS) company will carry out explosives work for one month in the vicinity of the “Noboa” project, El Salado section of the municipal district of Verón, La Altagracia province (east).

In a statement, the institution warned the inhabitants of the places La Jarda and Burén de Tres Piezas that from October 19 to November 19 this year they will be carrying out blasting work in the area.

The notice, signed by the Civil Affairs Directorate of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and J-5, “is intended to avoid false alarms among the residents of the aforementioned towns.”

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Paul Tierney
October 19, 2021 7:38 pm

This news is symbolic of the country’s media reporting. It is lacking detail. There is no reason provided as to the “why?” for the blasts.

The company, IGS, does mining surveys as part of its business. El Salado is a small town area inland from Macao beach within the general Punta Cana tourist zone.

It is entertaining, when something is annoying in the zone its location is not associated in any way with the name of Punta Cana or Bavaro. When something good newsworthy happens in the same approximate place it is associated with Punta Cana or Bavaro. That’s Dominican media editing.

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