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Dominicans can visit Brazil sans visa

Santo Domingo.- The embassy of the Dominican Republic in Brazil announced yesterday that Dominicans who have common or ordinary passports will be able to travel to Brazil without the need for a visa.

This provision is valid due to the entry into force of the Bilateral Visa Exemption Agreement for Tourist and Business Purposes between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Dominican Republic.

In the aforementioned agreement, Dominican citizens may enter, leave, transit and stay, for tourist or business purposes, for a period of up to 60 days, renewable for the same period, so that the total stay does not exceed 120 days in each 12-month period, counted from the first entry into the territory of both countries.

The agreement on the Elimination of Visas for Tourist and Business Purposes, signed in Brasilia on May 14, 2018, had to go through all the requirements established by the two countries to take effect and has the objective of guaranteeing the principle of reciprocity, as well as facilitating travel between the two countries.

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felix the cat
October 22, 2021 11:28 am

DR. has always been an isolative country, a way of thinking pushed by our autocratic goverments to avoid beeing tied to international agrements and operate with impunity. DR was pretty much alone, was not a member of any of the mulilateral organizations in the continent (even basically quit of the American human rights court in a tantrum). Dr only kept nominal membership in the UN and OAS to save face. (that caused our passport to never gain any power). it was only After Leonel Fernandez that the DR gave Steps to join some regional groups – joining Cariforum and SICA- that inmediately caused our passport to gain some power but there WAY more to be done., in the last 10 years there thas been a push to reengage the international community. The current Chief of the Dominican diplomacy has not done any efforts to contunie that work, and that pretty sad.

Last edited 2 years ago by felix the cat
October 22, 2021 1:29 pm
Reply to  felix the cat

Thats a good thing! International community and Oas never show any support For Dominicans in regards to illegal flow of Haitians . Us liberal media, is starch supporter of open borders and chaos ? They want to have woman abortio s now in Dr ?? can you imagine bringing that Hell to Dr !! liberals and gays destroy societies.

October 23, 2021 1:09 am
Reply to  Heavenborn

Thank you! Amen

Dr finest
October 24, 2021 12:54 am
Reply to  Heavenborn

true keep them out!