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Gov. has grand plan for highland city

Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.- The Executing Unit for the Redevelopment of Neighborhoods and Environments (URBE) told EL DÍA that it has already designed a master plan for Jarabacoa (central), which includes several roads, infrastructures to decongest the city and a recreational area.

URBE says that among the works to be built is a 22-kilometer tourist road that will begin on the Duarte highway, passing through the Guaigüí dam to reach the center of the city, three new bridges will also be built over the Yaque del Norte river, which will be the Buena Vista-Confluencia bridge, of 100 meters; the La Poza- bridge in Corocito, with a distance of 200 meters, and the La Trinchera bridge, in Buena Vista, which includes a 160-meter route.


“Among the plans to improve mobility, another alternative route called the agricultural route is also being planned, which includes the bridge in La Trinchera, and which will allow diverting the trucks that circulate in the area, avoiding their passage through the center of the municipality.”

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Paul Tierney
November 8, 2021 10:14 am

Any new road to Jarabacoa would be a release of the stress of using the present narrow and dangerous corridor from Duarte.