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Prosecutor says David Ortiz shooting probe was 100%

Santo Domingo.-The chief prosecutor of Santo Domingo Este, Milcíades Guzmán, defended this Monday the results of the investigation he carried out into the attack on former baseball player David Ortiz.

Guzmán assured that he carried out a “100 percent well-done investigation,” while pointing out that the private investigation that concluded that David Ortiz was ordered killed by César Peralta (El Abusador) does not deserve any opinion.

“Those who know me know that there is no human way to make me tell a lie or do anything that the law does not mandate. Milcíades Guzmán has no opinion about the assertions of a private investigator. I am not interested in that, I work for an institution that It is called the Attorney General’s Office. The decisions made by the Attorney General’s Office are my obligation to abide by them,” said the prosecutor.

Guzmán was the prosecutor who carried out the investigation of the attack on David Ortiz in 2019, which he concluded was injured due to confusion, since the attack was directed at another person.

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