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Today the Dominican Republic celebrates the 179th anniversary of its Constitution

Santo Domingo.- On November 6, the Dominican Republic celebrates the 179th anniversary of its Constitution, a significant day in its history marked by the signing of this foundational document in San Cristóbal. This day holds great importance for Dominicans and is commemorated with patriotic fervor, including flag-raising ceremonies, patriotic speeches, and both civil and military parades.

The first Dominican Constitution drew inspiration from the French and American constitutional models. It embraced a liberal style and was founded on the broad principles outlined in the manifesto of January 16, 1844, which articulated the nation’s political vision.

A constitution, often referred to as the Magna Carta, serves as the foundational set of rules that govern the organization and operation of the state and its institutions. It defines the legal and political framework that governs the fundamental relationships between the government and its citizens. This foundational document also recognizes and enshrines the fundamental rights and responsibilities of every citizen.

Historically, in July 1844, General Pedro Santana assumed the presidency of the Central Government Board by force. Subsequently, the Board issued a decree, resembling contemporary electoral laws, that convened Electoral Assemblies in every municipality to elect representatives for the Constituent Assembly. The deputies chosen would be tasked with drafting the new Constitution for the Dominican Republic.

Manuel María Valencia, representing Santo Domingo, was appointed as the president of the congress, which commenced its sessions after a significant and extensive address by Tomás Bobadilla. In his role as a representative of the body governing the nascent nation, Bobadilla had two primary goals: to establish the Assembly’s constitutional powers, comparable to those of an Ordinary National Congress, and to convey the prevailing political ideals of the era, enabling the deputies to draw their conclusions.


Source: RC Media

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