Local February 23, 2024 | 3:00 pm

President Abinader to inaugurate Navarrete – Montecristi highway

Montecristi, DR.- The Minister of Public Works and Communications, Deligne Ascención, announced that President Luis Abinader will soon inaugurate the Navarrete – Montecristi highway, spanning 92 kilometers and involving a $35 million investment in reconstruction.

The project, part of the comprehensive Duarte highway reconstruction, has seen interventions along the entire 92-kilometer route, with the current focus on the 900 meters from Villa Vásquez to Montecristi. Ascención highlighted the inclusion of sidewalks, curbs, soil stabilization, and thorough signage in the road reconstruction.

The minister also assessed the progress on the Puerto Plata to Montecristi highway, emphasizing its crucial role in the tourism development of the area. Covering 23 kilometers, with 14 already paved, the road will enhance connectivity with Santiago, the Northwest Line, Valverde, and Montecristi. Stabilization work, including the construction of slopes and sidewalks, is currently underway to address erosion and ground conditions.

Provincial governor Nelsy Cruz commended the government’s investment in various roads and avenues surrounding Montecristi, acknowledging the overdue debt being paid to these communities by the current administration.

Minister Ascención’s visit was attended by Vice Minister Roberto Herrera, MOPC Project Execution Unit Director Cristin Borrero, and provincial governors Rosa Santos of Santiago and Deysi Aquino of Valverde, among others.

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