World July 21, 2016 | 12:30 pm

Dominican ex-president again in Caracas for talks to quell political crisis

Caracas.- South American Union of Nations (Unasu) secretarygeneral the Colombian Ernesto Samper, and the ex-presidents designated tomediate a possible political dialogue in Venezuela, met with officials of NicolasMaduro’s administration, EFE reports Thursday quoting government sources.

Samper and Spanish government former president Jose LuisRodriguez Zapatero, former Dominican president Leonel Fernandez and MartinTorrijos of Panama, appointed by the Unasur as mediators for talks withopponents met with Maduro’s delegation, said that country’s foreign minister DelcyRodríguez.

In a tweet, Rodriguez said the meeting held Wednesday inCaracas after the arrival of Samper and the former presidents, was "a workmeeting" to start the dialogue.

The meeting, of which no details have been released, was attendedby Rodriguez and Caracas Libertador city mayor, the Chavista Jorge Rodríguez,both members of Maduro’s commission.

This is the second trip that make the Venezuelan capitalpresidents in less than two weeks to spur talks between the Chavez supports andthe opposition, but with no reports on progress

Zapatero, who leads the group of international mediatorsmet with the same delegation July 13 and one day before with several oppositiondeputies, who at that meeting reiterated their conditions for talks, includingthe activation of the referendum to revoke Maduro’s presidency.

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