World May 28, 2018 | 1:38 pm

Simple urine, blood samples now detect some cancers

Santo Domingo.- Reference, Amadita and other major clinical laboratories will have as of June 1, the Bioprognos tests, that with a simple blood and urine sample predict in low, moderate and high the risk of prostate, lung, ovarian, breast and cancer of unknown origin.

Doctors can now confirm or rule out malignancy, predict cancer behavior, guide their treatment and determine the patient’s chances of recovery, through tumor markers that are an innovative, non-invasive, accurate, cost-effective and validated solution.

Advantages of the Bioprognos clinical tests:

  • Considerably reduce unnecessary biopsies.
  • Save the patients time, money and angst.
  • Avoid the anguish of undergoing several medical studies.
  • Prevent hospitalization.

European Union guarantee

The tests were developed by the Spanish biotechnology company Bioprognos, after years of studies in collaboration with leading European hospitals in the diagnosis of cancer, and have the endorsement or “CE” label, which guarantees that a product meets the European Union’s legal requirements and security technicians.


Medical robotics expert, Sergio Calleja, CEO and founder of Bioprognos, affirms that the tests facilitate early diagnosis thanks to complex logarithms based on the values ​​of different analyses of general biochemistry, tumor biomarkers, the patient’s clinical data, instead of use the typical criterion based on the increase of tumor markers only and whose main problem is a high number of false positives.

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