People December 7, 2019 | 6:43 am

Users criticize Cardi B on social networks after she compares DR with Nigeria

SANTO DOMINGO.- The singer Cardi B, through a live broadcast on her social networks, showed her followers part of her visit to Nigeria and compared that nation to the Dominican Republic, a comment that many users did not like.

“We are in Nigeria, yes, I won’t lie, this looks like the Dominican Republic,” said the “Bodak Yellow” interpreter in the video.

“I hope Nigeria looks like DR; Cardi B increasingly crazy,” said one user through Facebook.

“Right now that comes out in the US news and ends up killing the tourism we have left. Thank you very much for the favor! How smart you are,” said another user.

On the other hand, a user indicated in the aforementioned social network that “she is referring to the infrastructure, and yes, it seems very similar.”

“Cardi B is being attacked because she compared Nigeria with the Dominican Republic. If you see the video of where she is going, one would easily think she is on Las Américas Avenue on her way to the airport in the DR,” added another user on Twitter.

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