World January 20, 2021 | 5:04 pm

WhatsApp “seizes” the data of those who delete the application for 90 days

UNITED STATES.- After the recent controversy over the implementation of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, thousands of users have decided to migrate to other instant messaging applications and delete their accounts on the platform, which since 2014 is owned by Facebook.

However, contrary to what many people think, it is not enough to delete the application to break all the data links users share with WhatsApp. The ‘app’ warns about the possibility that “90 days elapse from the beginning of the elimination process for your information to be erased.”

Additionally, WhatsApp notes that “copies of your information will likely be kept for 90 days in backup storage” that the company uses to recover data in the event of natural disasters, ‘software’ bugs, or other data loss events.
The application reiterates that during the indicated period, “your information will not be available to you on WhatsApp.” It also mentions that copies of some materials may remain in its database, “but not linked to personal identifiers.”

On the other hand, the platform notifies that it can keep user information “to address legal issues, breaches of conditions or damage prevention initiatives.” Finally, it indicates that the process of eliminating an account is “irreversible” and emphasizes that it will not be possible to reactivate an account that has been eliminated “by accident.”

How to delete the account?

To delete an account from the instant messaging service, go to ‘More options’; In the ‘Settings’ section, press ‘Account’ and then ‘Delete my account.’ At that time, the user must enter the corresponding phone number in the international format and finish the action.

The creators of the application ensure that, by performing this procedure, the WhatsApp account, the message history, all the chat groups, and the Google Drive backup will be deleted.

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