World September 24, 2022 | 8:05 am

Why has the international community not acted against the crisis in Haiti?

There have been several meetings of leaders of the main countries of the world in which the common denominator is to deal with the situation Haiti is going through. Congresses, conferences, meetings, protocols, measures, and State decisions; are the actions that, up to now, have been seen so that the neighboring country can change its context, which, according to experts, would worsen.

On the subject, President Luis Abinader assured that for the Dominican Republic, what Haiti is experiencing is a national security problem. But in addition, said the Dominican president, it affects different sectors of the economy and the region’s countries.

So why has the international community not acted against the crisis in Haiti?

The former vice-minister of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Development, sociologist Inocencio García Javier, understands that several factors have been responsible for the fact that the world powers have not intervened directly in the Haitian crisis so far.

In the last 20 years, the region has had little incidence in the international arena.
In the case of the neighboring nation, the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (Minustah), which arrived in that nation in 2004 and until 2017, “regrettably, the results were not satisfactory.” So, although Haitians have a responsibility for what is happening, that mission “failed.”
There is a probable weariness of the international community regarding Haiti in the context of several conflicts in the world: the Middle East, Russia, and Ukraine, which, according to the expert, is a war of the West.

These are the three main reasons that are slowing down the “firm” decision of the international community, which, in addition, is already facing a major geopolitical conflict, García Javier specifies.

Despite this, the Dominican political society considers that it is not possible for countries to be oblivious to what is happening in Haiti, which, like the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Alvarez, an expert in sociology and international affairs, believes the situation in the impoverished nation is worse than the one it went through in 2010 after the 7.1 earthquake, which caused more than 316,000 deaths.

The lack of leadership, insecurity, a defective prime minister, Ariel Henry, criminal gangs, and social disorder aggravate the situation, says Garcia Javier, who also considers that added to the lack of action by the international community, there is no doubt that Haiti is at the worst moment in its history.

In this regard, the sociologist criticized the fact that President Luis Abinader did not show up at the United Nations General Assembly and sent Alvarez in his representation, despite the context that the Dominican Republic was experiencing due to the effects of Hurricane Fiona in the eastern region.

García Javier explained that in the country, “there is a trained risk system” and organizations with a great deal of experience in the area, such as the Emergency Operations Center (COE) and other entities. Therefore, in the expert’s opinion, the head of state should have traveled to New York and taken advantage of the main leaders of the nations of the world to reiterate the urgency of alleviating the Haitian crisis.

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Tib San
September 24, 2022 8:59 am

No one cares at the moment because Ukrain VS Russia is a money maker for organizations. The government in Haiti is as bad as it can be and most funds are on hold. While the US wants to re-elect Martelly, the ex-“president” is highly against the will of all Haitians. Everyone in Haiti from organizations to missions, to investors to the worst of the private sector, only wants to use the country for their benefit. Unfortunately non of them are thinking long-term. The electricity is unreliable because those few families want to control the sale of generators batteries, inverters, solar panels, etc. One family, in particular, the owner of Soge bank, and their inner circle are responsible for the killing of late president Jovnel Moise. The US went to investigate, HOWEVER, if they wanted to see the development of the event on the day of Jovnel’s brutal murder, all they had to do is to go to Hotel Karibe, where all government officials spent a day organizing it. The security footage would show the lineup of those involved. ANYWAY…Same story with the ministry of education. A group of gangster wannabes is in control of foreign education funds and at the same time, they are stealing the money, blocking the education system, and bribing other politicians and supporters. Si sure, since 2010 when the earthquake devastated Haiti’s beautiful infrastructure, the conditions only got worse. Corruption, intellectual property leaving Haiti, more corruption… Right now no one wants to spend a dime. Even though Haiti and Ukraine is considered to be in the same category where Haitians should be offered refuge, it is not happening.

Juan Soto
September 24, 2022 12:22 pm

All the International world and super countries(US, France,UK,others) do is talk and do nothing to help Haiti but they will criticize the Dominican Rep for deporting Haitians. People are dying in Haiti and they do nothing because they don’t care.

Peter Harris
September 24, 2022 5:25 pm

In Canada there is no media news at all about Haiti. Our political leaders respond when there is media attention. People in Canada have supported Haitians during the earthquakes because there was a lot of media attention. If Luis Abinader was to visit Canada and talk about Haiti, there would not only be attention to Haiti, but a lot of respect for the Dominican Republic. Canadians do not take Dominican Republic seriously when it comes to political leadership. They would be very impressed by Luis Abinader but you need a media strategy.

September 25, 2022 10:00 am

This is the same story that goes on year after year, and decade after decade. Haiti is a country that produces many intelligent people; engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc. They speak multiple different languages. Haiti has to stand up for itself and learn how to function and operate as a unified country, from the government on down. Decade after decade, it is help help help. Haiti has to figure out a way to help itself and stop depending on others. That has yet to be sustainable. It just doesn’t work. If you can’t police your own country and allow gangs to just run rampant and do what they want and take whatever they want and allow government officials to do the same, you can’t expect outsiders to do it for you.…..