World March 21, 2023 | 3:38 pm

UN: Haitian gangs have killed 208 people so far in March

According to the United Nations Office for Human Rights, armed gangs in Haiti have killed more than 200 people in the first two weeks of March. The gangs have also injured over 160 individuals and kidnapped more than 100. The victims were reportedly shot randomly while in their homes or on the streets. The gangs are also using sexual violence against women and girls to terrorize them and their families. The Office has warned about the lack of protection for young people in schools, leading to their recruitment by gangs.

Throughout 2023, the Office has registered over 500 murders, 300 injuries, and 270 kidnappings, mainly in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. The situation has forced around 160,000 people to seek refuge with relatives or friends, often sharing scarce resources.

The UN has urged Haitian authorities to address this serious situation and ensure that the police act responsibly toward the gangs. The Office has also called for an end to the cycle of violence, corruption, and impunity through the prosecution of the perpetrators and the provision of reparations for the victims.

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