World March 29, 2023 | 8:22 am

The first Dominican forest will be presented at the Metaworld Congress in Madrid

The Metaworld Congress event will showcase the first Miyawaki forest developed in the Dominican Republic by the Loyola 79 Foundation and tokenized by Evveland Metaverse. The project began in October 2021 and aimed to restore a 7,000 m2 area using the Miyawaki afforestation method.

The Loyola Foundation planted 6,000 trees of 80 native species, hoping to create a sustainable living ecosystem in less than five years. The project was supported by the Evveland Foundation, which tokenized the trees into NFTs for sale at $50 each. The NFTs represent a specific species planted in the Dominican Republic and allow buyers to sponsor the tree, monitor its growth, and become creditors of the carbon capture the tree generates in the future.

The project aims to combat climate change by increasing carbon capture and storage through tree planting and restoring degraded areas.



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