World May 8, 2023 | 2:54 pm

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Migrants in Brownsville, Texas, face uncertainty and danger as US immigration policies shift

Migrants who have crossed the border from Mexico to Brownsville, Texas, are searching for a comfortable place to spend the night before an anticipated change in US regulations. This change could make it more challenging for those who come after them. Dasling Sánchez, a Venezuelan, explained that she was afraid of being denied entry, so she and her children left Mexico and waited several days in Matamoros before crossing into Brownsville.

Title 42, a measure implemented during the Trump administration that allowed authorities to deport or reject migrants without considering their asylum claims, is set to end on Thursday. While some fear that this could lead to an increase in illegal entry into the US, others believe that it may complicate the process.

Hundreds of migrants are being brought to Brownsville every day, where they are processed in detention centers and supported by humanitarian organizations. Many walk-in groups through the city, and while some are from Venezuela, there are also Colombians, Central Americans, and Asians. Some migrants have US-resident sponsors who help them enter, while others enter while their asylum application is being reviewed.

Despite the challenges they have faced during their journey, the dangers for migrants continue on US soil. Recently, eight people, mostly migrants, were killed after being hit by a vehicle near a shelter. The government of Joe Biden plans to send 1,500 soldiers to the border to help manage the situation, while critics like Texas Governor Greg Abbott are calling for more troops.

While waiting for their situations to be resolved, migrants in Brownsville are supported by humanitarian organizations and wait for family members to deposit money for transportation. José Luis Aular, a Venezuelan migrant, acknowledges that migration will always exist, regardless of the obstacles put in its way.

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