World June 2, 2023 | 9:33 am

Swiss Dominican Chamber will begin first official commercial visit to the Swiss Confederation

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (CCTDS) is embarking on its inaugural commercial tour to Switzerland since its establishment in 2000. This significant step aligns with the growth strategy of the Chamber, driven by its president, Gaetan Bucher, aiming to foster enhanced commercial and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Commencing on June 3, Bucher, a prominent financier and businessman, will visit four major Swiss cities, including Zürich, Bern, Lausanne, and Geneva, during a ten-day trip. His itinerary includes meetings with companies, universities, and public institutions in Switzerland.

Bucher emphasized the position of the Dominican-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Tourism as a regional benchmark. With this growth and vision, the Chamber is entering the next phase of its strategic plan, focusing on expanding commercial and cultural relations between Switzerland and the Dominican Republic, while capitalizing on business opportunities for both nations.

During his visit to Zürich, Bucher will meet with senior executives from Switzerland Tourism, the authority responsible for the tourism sector in Switzerland, and Edelweiss Air AG, the Swiss international airline serving Mediterranean Europe and the Caribbean. Additionally, he will hold discussions with representatives from Switzerland Global Enterprise, a state institution dedicated to supporting the export of Swiss micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and promoting Swiss international investment.

Bucher expressed his intention to strengthen ties with strategic partners such as the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs (SECO) and Swiss cantons, S-GE, to facilitate investment promotion and attract business ventures to the Dominican Republic.

Further engagements on Bucher’s itinerary included meetings with SERV Swiss Export Risk Insurance, an organization that assists Swiss companies in their export transactions and explores new market opportunities for them, as well as the Latin American Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland (LATCAM), a non-profit business organization committed to promoting economic relations between Latin America and Switzerland. Bucher will also connect with the Americas Division of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, ETH Zurich, IMD Lausanne (universities), and multinational corporation Nestlé.

Concluding his visit, Bucher will attend the International Labor Conference of the International Labor Organization in Geneva, accompanying the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel Decamps García, as part of the official delegation.

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