World July 6, 2023 | 3:01 pm

Haitian diaspora will march in the Dominican Republic and other countries to demand a solution to the crisis in their country

Santo Domingo.- The Haitian diaspora has called for a peaceful march in the Dominican Republic and various other countries to demand that the international community take action in resolving the ongoing humanitarian and security crisis in Haiti.

Pastor John Henrys Santana and Bishop Gregory Toussaint made the announcement during a joint press conference held in Miami and the Tabernacle of God Church in Santo Domingo. The march is scheduled to take place at noon in the National District on the upcoming Sunday.

The organizers stated that the march will be held simultaneously in 68 countries, including 10 departments within Haiti itself, as well as cities in the United States, Canada, France, Chile, and other locations where Haitians reside. Over 50,000 people have registered as participants, along with 200 civil society organizations and 350 pastors.

The purpose of the march is to draw attention to the pressing issues affecting Haiti and to call on the international community to address the humanitarian and security challenges faced by the country. The organizers seek to highlight the urgency of finding solutions to these crises and emphasize the need for collective action.

By organizing this global demonstration, the Haitian diaspora aims to amplify their voices and create a platform for dialogue and engagement. They hope that their unified efforts will bring about positive change and pave the way for a better future for Haiti and its people.

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July 6, 2023 4:43 pm

thru should be marching in their own country …change yourselfs, don’t constantly ask for handout …
obviously you can’t govern yourselfs …Therfore let someone else step in the and take the reins and fix you …
Lease entire country to the highest bidder for 99+ 99 years lease …
Till you learn something …
Than have to clause to have and lease annulled if you show progres after 99 years …
You’re undoubtedly burden to yourselfs and others …
Hurry up …clock is ticking …

Lorenzo Canizares
July 9, 2023 12:53 pm

I hope that this effort goes beyond asking the murderers of Jovenel Moise to solve the crisis they created.