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Roberto Álvarez calls on the Haitian elite to show their faces

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Santo Domingo.- During the recent United Nations Security Council meeting, multiple reports were presented highlighting the dire situation of violence, insecurity, and famine experienced by the Haitian people. The Dominican Republic, along with other nations, agreed that the Haitian people should be at the forefront of finding a solution to their problems, even though international support is crucial.

Roberto Álvarez, the Dominican Foreign Minister, emphasized the need for wealthy Haitians to take the lead in guiding their country during this critical period in its history. He stated, “It is an essential duty for the Haitian elites to step up in this situation. They must seize this historic moment and act in the best interests of Haiti and the entire nation.”

During the meeting, participants echoed Secretary-General Guterres’ call for non-military and non-political intervention by the UN. Instead, they advocated for multinational assistance to strengthen Haiti’s National Police and combat the armed gangs that have severely impacted the impoverished nation.

“The ultimate and sustainable solution rests primarily with the Haitian people. However, without international support, it is unthinkable to achieve the necessary security conditions for a viable resolution to emerge from this crisis,” reiterated the foreign minister, underscoring the Dominican Republic’s repeated appeals for international aid on behalf of Haiti.

Most countries present at the Council meeting expressed their support for aiding Haiti and appreciated Secretary-General Guterres’ firsthand observations of the chaotic state of the country during his recent visit. However, Russia and China expressed skepticism regarding the need for a multinational force to restore order in Haiti.

In a somewhat ironic tone, Russian Ambassador Dmitri Polanski questioned the efficacy of a multinational force in a country plagued by rampant arms trafficking, citing historical instances where foreign interventions have done more harm than good in Haiti. He also emphasized the importance of hearing other voices within Haiti that oppose foreign interventions.

Given Russia’s veto power in the Security Council, it is unlikely that the Council will approve the deployment of a multinational force, especially since no country has volunteered to lead such an effort.

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun stated, “While we have heard many speeches in support of a multinational force, no country has yet announced concrete actions. It appears that further in-depth studies will be necessary to develop a viable proposal.” He also stressed the importance of allowing Haitians to determine their own destiny.

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July 7, 2023 7:54 pm

so they can deport them…???