World July 25, 2023 | 12:04 pm

Senator denounces JetBlue’s “constant abuse” of Dominican passengers

The senator for the San Cristóbal province of the People’s Force Party (FP), Franklin Rodríguez, denounced that the airline JetBlue continues with the constant abuses of the dignity of the Dominican people that use its air services.

“Honorable senators, after life, the most important thing in the human being is health, then it is freedom, but if there is something that makes a human being a prisoner while he is alive, healthy and free, it is when his dignity is violated,” said the legislator.

The official added, “I am raising my voice from here as other congressmen have done, to see when and finally the Dominican State will put a stop to the dis… airline called JetBlue, which constantly lives abusing the dignity of Dominicans wherever they are, if they are here it is a problem, if it is from the US up to here it is also a problem, if it is from Puerto Rico to here it is a problem.”

Rodríguez indicated that the abuses of the airline only happen in the places where Dominicans travel, “I even experienced it firsthand, when I prepared the return that was not on that airline, but since I had to arrive before I was forced to use it and I arrived at the meeting nine hours after what was called in the Senate.”

He pointed out that “the problem is not only because of us legislators, but because of the number of elderly people, boys and girls who had to lie on the ground to rest and the airline believes that by giving them US$12 to buy breakfast, they correct the things they do against Dominicans,

“It is so much so, that they confuse the applause that the Dominicans give when the plane lands because they think it is for the airline, they do not know that it is for God and the pilots,” the senator concluded, according to El Nuevo Diario.

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Paul Tierney
July 25, 2023 1:08 pm

What is his agenda? Is it to downcast JetBlue to advance the Dominican passenger air carriers? What JetBlue is alleged to be doing, abusing the dignity of people, is not isolated only to itself. It is the same throughout the air industry, Recognize the possibility that Dominican carriers Arajet or RED Air would not go beyond $12 to “buy breakfast” if they were under the same crunch as JetBlue. Thinking the honorable Senator is playing the flag waving routine to the public to punish the foreign airline for what he seems to be an affront to him. The passenger airline(s) is/are not at his beck and call. Maybe… he can wait in a terminal VIP lounge for a for hired plane if he wants to depart on his time. Yet, a for hire plane is subject to the same risks and delays of a passenger airplane.

Acts of God, mechanical failures, shortages of aircraft, short crews, full planes, long lines, crowded terminals, and disorderly passengers are the unlikeable new norms for the times, Senator.

July 25, 2023 3:35 pm

Hyperbole is a specialty of some Dominican politicos…

Paul Tierney
July 25, 2023 4:22 pm
Reply to  Alfredo


bernie sierra
July 26, 2023 11:26 am

This guy thinks that the delays are only for inbound and outbound Dominican Republic flights on JetBlue. He better start reading or watching the news about delays and cancellations.