World September 1, 2023 | 11:25 am

In Dominican prisons there are 35 citizens of the United States

Santo Domingo.- Out of a total population of 25,727 individuals who have faced prosecution for various offenses, the correctional facilities within the Dominican Republic currently accommodate 35 individuals holding United States nationality, which accounts for less than 0.14% of the prison population. Among these individuals, 18 are actively serving their sentences, while the remaining 17 are awaiting judicial verdicts in ongoing legal proceedings.

Roberto Hernández Basilio, the director of the General Directorate of Penitentiary and Correctional Services (DGSPC), emphasizes that these statistics position the Dominican Republic with a comparatively more favorable rate of pretrial detention in contrast to that of the United States itself.

Addressing concerns and commentary circulating within local press, Hernández Basilio underscores the ongoing strong and productive collaborative channels maintained between the two nations. He adds that these collaborations extend beyond the perspective of any individual, acknowledging the robust partnership despite occasional individual opinions. These statements respond to recent media coverage attributing views on pretrial detention rates in the Dominican Republic to US Congressman Michael McCaul.

The official expresses his disappointment regarding the dissemination of statements or viewpoints that seem to serve interests unrelated to the true context of the matter, notably the purportedly elevated rate of American citizens held in Dominican Republic prisons.

Hernández Basilio also draws attention to a positive trend observed during his tenure within the prison system, indicating a decline in the incarcerated population from 27,800 to 25,714. This reduction translates to a decrease of 2,086 inmates, highlighting efforts toward effective penal management and potential improvements in the broader criminal justice system.

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Paul Tierney
September 1, 2023 11:35 am

Wondering? How many of these US citizens in the Dominican prisons are Dominican born?

There are 1,603 Dominicans in US federal prisons as of Aug.26, 2023.