World September 15, 2023 | 2:05 pm

Customs suspends the entry and exit of merchandise to and from Haiti

Santo Domingo.- Starting at 6:00 AM on Friday, September 15, the General Directorate of Customs (DGA) has suspended all import and export operations of goods to and from Haiti. This measure was implemented following the directives of President Luis Abinader, in accordance with the closure of the Dominican Republic’s borders with Haiti.

Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, also known as “Yayo,” the Director of the DGA, announced this decision on his social media platforms. He stated that the DGA’s offices and personnel will take all necessary actions to ensure strict compliance with this directive.

This border closure, encompassing land, air, and sea routes, represents a concrete response to the ongoing conflict surrounding the construction of a canal intended to divert the course of the Massacre River. The Dominican Government contends that this project violates international law and the Treaty of Peace and Perpetual Friendship and Arbitration of 1929. The closure was initiated in response to persistent efforts by a group of Haitian citizens to continue with the construction work in question.

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Paul Tierney
September 15, 2023 3:38 pm

Haiti is second largest trading partner for the RD. Wonder how long it will take for Dominican exporters to cry for relief from the government?

September 15, 2023 9:22 pm
Reply to  Paul Tierney

Dominican products that were to be sold to the Haitian market will be sold instead locally according to the government…

September 15, 2023 7:14 pm

Cutting off your nose to spite your face is a very strange tactic indeed.Haiti is the third largest trading partner for the DR with the overwhelming amount of trade going from the DR to Haiti ,including medical supplies, and all types of manufactured products from free zones . The conduct of the DR authorities is extraordinary because anyone can see on satellite pictures that the water is going a very short distance to farms producing food that adjoins a small town . Surely the DR should be happy to assist the feeding of hungry people, even if there are flaws in the process of getting mutual approval.

Dave Lopes
September 15, 2023 7:42 pm

This is the best news for Haiti. Keep the border sealed forever and break diplomatic relations with Haiti.