World September 25, 2023 | 3:24 pm

Spain reiterates its participation in a multinational mission to support Haiti

Madrid.- Spain is set to be one of the Western participants in the multinational mission aimed at assisting the Haitian police, a request made by the Haitian government to the United Nations. Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, has expressed the country’s support for Haiti and stated that Spain is one of the largest donors to Haiti.

The specifics of Spain’s contributions to the mission will be determined after a Security Council meeting. Minister Albares emphasized that the mission’s duration is likely to be several years, given the goal of providing security and combating gangs in Haiti.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry had made a passionate appeal for international collaboration to address security issues in Haiti during his speech at the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly. He called for the urgent deployment of a multinational support mission composed of military and security personnel as a necessary step to address the country’s security challenges, while acknowledging the role of extreme poverty as a root cause of many issues faced by the Haitian population.

Spain’s commitment to participate in this multinational mission reflects the international community’s efforts to support Haiti in overcoming its complex challenges and promoting stability in the country.

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September 26, 2023 8:30 am

This is not the first time a multinational mission has been sent to Haiti. Lets hope this one will stabilize the country for a long time.

Last edited 8 months ago by Alfredo
Dave Lopes
September 28, 2023 1:13 am
Reply to  Alfredo

Keep dreaming. No stability as long as the US insist on selecting and then supporting Haitian leaders of their liking..