World October 3, 2023 | 8:07 am

UN authorizes the deployment of a multinational force in Haiti

New York.- The United Nations Security Council has given approval for an armed intervention in Haiti, paving the way for a multinational force, led by Kenya, to help restore peace in the country plagued by armed gangs. The decision was made with thirteen votes in favor, and two abstentions from Russia and China, both permanent members of the Security Council.

The multinational force aims to address the ongoing security crisis in Haiti, where armed gangs control a significant portion of the territory, causing violence and instability. The Haitian government had long called for international support to bolster the Haitian National Police and combat the gangs.

Kenya has agreed to lead the multinational force and is expected to deploy troops to Haiti no later than early 2024. The primary goal is to disarm the gangs and restore security in the country.

China and Russia abstained from voting due to concerns about the resolution’s content and its impact on sovereignty. They emphasized the need for detailed consultations with Haiti, respect for international law, and measures beyond military deployment to address insecurity, such as stopping the supply of weapons to gang members.

The United States welcomed the decision and highlighted that the multinational force aims to prevent past mistakes and preserve peace and security at the local level in Haiti. This intervention is seen as a crucial step in addressing the security crisis and facilitating the Haitian government’s efforts to restore stability and hold elections.

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