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UN reiterates request to States to prevent arms trafficking to Haiti

New York.- The United Nations Security Council has reiterated its call to member states to take appropriate measures to prevent the trafficking and illicit diversion of small arms, light weapons, and ammunition in Haiti. This request is part of a resolution that extends measures initially adopted in 2022 until October 2024.

The UN Security Council’s resolution specifies that member states should take action to prevent the illicit trafficking and diversion of these arms and ammunition in Haiti. It particularly calls on all states, especially those in the region, to inspect shipments to Haiti, including those arriving at seaports and airports, in cooperation with national authorities and following international law.

Such inspections are to be conducted if there is credible information indicating that the shipment may contain items prohibited by UN resolutions.

Additionally, the resolution encourages the Haitian government to enhance its capacity for managing weapons and ammunition held by the Haitian National Police. This includes measures related to the acquisition, maintenance, storage, and proper disposal of existing weapons and ammunition, as well as seized weapons and ammunition.

The Security Council reaffirmed its commitment to Haiti’s sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and unity while reviewing previous resolutions, particularly resolutions 2653 (2022), 2692 (2023), and 2699 (2023).

In a related development, the UN Security Council had previously authorized the deployment of an international security force to assist the Haitian National Police in addressing the rising gang violence in the country for a year. This request for international assistance was made by Haiti’s Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, in response to the significant violence and gang-related challenges faced by the country.

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October 20, 2023 1:40 am

i say give every man, women and child a gun… 🙂

Mr. Sensible
October 21, 2023 12:26 pm
Reply to  there

Don’t forget the unborn…

luis aquino
October 20, 2023 4:51 pm

lol the number one exproter the weapons to haiti is the US ask them to control it

Last edited 1 month ago by luis aquino