World January 3, 2024 | 10:02 am

Search for missing helicopter in São Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo.- Rescue teams in Brazil are intensively searching for a helicopter that disappeared on the northern coast of São Paulo state. The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and other authorities have been mobilized since Sunday to locate the aircraft, which was carrying four people, including a woman, her two daughters, and a family friend.

The helicopter, which departed from the Campo de Marte executive aviation airport in São Paulo, was en route to Ilhabela on the coast. Despite having all the necessary documents in order, as confirmed by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), the helicopter lost contact and has not been found.

The FAB has deployed a military plane from the Pelícano squadron to assist in the search. The aircraft is scheduled to continue flying over the disappearance area from the early hours of Tuesday. The Militarized Police and the Fire Department are also involved in the operation, working under the assumption of a potential crash.

This ongoing search effort reflects the urgency and seriousness with which Brazilian authorities are treating the incident. As the search continues, the hope remains that the missing helicopter and its passengers will be found safely.

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