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INFOTEP Virtual School approved for overseas Dominicans

Image from RC Noticias

Puerto Rico.- Representative Adelys Olivares announced the approval of a significant project by the Dominican Republic’s Chamber of Deputies, instructing the Professional Technical Training Institute (INFOTEP) to establish a free virtual school. This initiative aims to benefit Dominicans residing in various locations, including Curacao, Netherlands, Tortolas Islands, Costa Rica, and South America.

Initiatives numbered 05733-2020-2024-CD and 05734-2020-2024-CD, presented by Olivares to the Permanent Commission of Higher Education, Science, and Technology on June 30, 2021, and October 13, 2023, were modified and subsequently recommended to President Luis Abinader. The recommendation was to instruct INFOTEP to create a website integrating technical training in the hotel industry with modern technology.

Expressing satisfaction with the project’s approval, Olivares, a candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), emphasized the positive reception from her counterparts. She highlighted her ongoing efforts in support of Dominican communities abroad and expressed gratitude to the government for its assistance.

Olivares stated, “It is with great satisfaction for us to announce that this project has been approved by the Plenary Session of the Chamber of Deputies, an initiative that we proposed some time ago, which will contribute significantly to the educational advancement of our Dominicans abroad.” She emphasized the unity and appreciation for the work done by her and colleagues in addressing the needs of Dominicans residing abroad.

The representative added that the educational opportunities provided to citizens in these locations abroad would contribute to economic dynamism, fostering growth and development. This, in turn, would lead to increased foreign currency inflow for the government and the business community, stemming from potential employment opportunities generated after training.

Furthermore, the remote training will focus on delivering quality services in the hotel and tourism sector across 21 countries, including destinations in the Caribbean, South America, and Central America. It is noteworthy that this educational project was approved alongside other initiatives during the Plenary Session of the Chamber of Deputies.

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