World January 19, 2024 | 11:44 am

UNEV meets in Portugal to address pluvial floods

Faro, Portugal.-  Juan Guerrero Ávila, the rector of the National Evangelical University (UNEV), met with academic authorities at the University of Algarve (UAlg) to address pluvial floods in Greater Santo Domingo caused by climate change and poor urban drainage. UNEV aims to collaborate with UAlg to offer a master’s degree in Urban Hydrology to Dominican students, covering Urban Drainage, Rural Drainage, and Hydrology.

During Rector Guerrero’s visit, he participated in the International Congress of the SEA-UE Alliance, organized by UAlg. The event marked the initiation of the European University of the Seas’ (SEA-EU) extraterritorial strategy. The SEA-EU Alliance, including UNEV, signed a Global Gateway Declaration, committing to address global challenges like migration, gender balance, and climate neutrality.

Rector Guerrero actively contributed to four working tables during the congress, highlighting the challenges in energy, water resources, and food in the Dominican Republic and globally. The discussions focused on solutions and prioritizing biodiversity protection and sustainable food production for the well-being of citizens in coastal areas.

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