World January 22, 2024 | 10:00 am

Hooded men killed Haitian vice-consul Claude Joazard

Cap-Haitien, Haití.- Disturbing reports emerging from Haiti indicate the  news of the murder of Claude Joazard, the Haitian vice consul stationed in Dajabón. The tragic incident unfolded in front of the Cap Haitien airport, where Dr. Joazard, a distinguished figure in both the medical and political spheres, was allegedly targeted by unidentified assailants donning hoods.

Claude Joazard, who had actively participated in the political landscape, stood as a candidate for senator in the recent elections. Additionally, he previously sought public office as a mayoral candidate for the municipality of Juana Méndez. The assailants ambushed Joazard in a violent attack near the Cap Haitien air terminal, and the local authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

Protests in Port-au-Prince Metropolitan Area

The metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, has become a focal point for heightened tensions, characterized by ongoing shootings, the erection of barricades with burning tires, road blockades, and even the containment of entire neighborhoods.

This tumultuous situation has resulted in the stagnation of commercial activities, the closure of numerous schools, and the disruption of public transportation services in the central region of Port-au-Prince. The repercussions are widespread, with various institutions, both governmental and private, opting to evacuate their personnel and shut down operations.

Local media reports convey the sentiments of numerous protesters who assert that the primary objective of the movement is to compel Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry to step down by the upcoming date of February 7—a historically significant day in the country’s history, often associated with presidential inaugurations.

As a response to the unrest, educational institutions, government agencies, and private companies have taken measures to ensure the safety of their staff, leading to the temporary closure of their premises. The situation remains dynamic, with both protesters and authorities navigating the complex challenges posed by the ongoing demonstrations.

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