Tourism January 24, 2024 | 4:12 pm

The Caribbean Gold Coast Magazine, a success at FITUR 2024

Madrid, Spain.- In its twelfth edition, The Caribbean Gold Coast Magazine has achieved successful distribution at the 44th edition of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) 2024, solidifying its status as an industry benchmark and reflecting the recovery of global tourism activity.

FITUR 2024, featuring 133 confirmed countries, 890 regular exhibitors, and a 66,900-square-meter area, serves as a favorable platform to promote tourism and showcase destinations worldwide. Within this dynamic context, The Caribbean Gold Coast Magazine has distinguished itself by showcasing the beauty and attractions of the Dominican Republic through its visually appealing printed pages.

Led by journalist Leonardo Medrano and Katherine Henríquez, the magazine has captured the attention of professionals and visitors at FITUR 2024, emerging as a valuable resource to discover the wonders of the Caribbean and the opportunities that the Dominican Republic presents as a tourist destination.

The presence of The Caribbean Gold Coast Magazine at FITUR 2024 stands as evidence of the global resurgence of tourism, overcoming the challenges faced by the industry in recent times.

The twelfth edition of The Caribbean Gold Coast Magazine at FITUR 2024 has received outstanding acclaim from tourism professionals and visitors who have lauded its informative content, along with its visually appealing and high-quality design. The magazine has become an invaluable tool for promoting tourism and inspiring exploration of idyllic destinations.

The team at The Caribbean Gold Coast Magazine expresses pride in participating in FITUR 2024 and extends gratitude to readers and visitors for their support and enthusiasm. The magazine remains committed to delivering relevant and valuable content, highlighting the marvels of the Caribbean, and promoting sustainable tourism in the region.

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