Bavaro & Punta Cana January 26, 2024 | 9:10 am

Puntacana Polo Club announces the first International Women’s Polo Cup

Punta Cana.- The esteemed Puntacana Polo Club is gearing up for a groundbreaking moment in the realm of polo as it prepares to host the inaugural International Women’s Polo Cup. Scheduled for the upcoming Saturday, January 27, the event will unfold at the state-of-the-art Puntacana Polo Club facilities within the renowned Puntacana Resort, signifying a historic occasion as the first women’s polo tournament in the Dominican Republic.

A gathering of elite players from nine countries is set to grace the event. Sixteen accomplished women’s polo players, boasting stellar careers in international competitions, will compete, representing a diverse array of nations, including Argentina, Canada, Colombia, the United States, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Venezuela, and the host country, the Dominican Republic.

Agustín Arestizabal, the General Director of the Puntacana Polo Club, conveyed his enthusiasm, revealing that each team will feature recognized professionals in the realm of women’s polo. The roster includes Argentine players Clara Martínez Ferrairo, Martina Gadea, and Camila Rossi, alongside Argentine-Colombian player Sofia Rivas. Arestizabal underscored the honor of many participants having honed their skills at the Puntacana Polo Club.

The Puntacana Polo Club, nestled in the heart of Puntacana Resort, has been chosen as the ideal backdrop for this historic tournament. Arestizabal emphasized that the venue not only offers impeccable facilities for the competition but also adds value with the plethora of activities and amenities provided by Puntacana Resort for its visitors.

Sponsored by renowned brands and companies, including Ron Barceló, VegaFina, Mercedes-Benz, Alpha Inversiones, Arajet, Gulf, United Gas, Mónica Varela, and Puntacana Resort, the event enjoys robust support contributing to the success of this unique sports initiative.

Source: Diario Social RD

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