World January 30, 2024 | 11:33 am

Dominican Embassy engages in collaborative efforts to combat human trafficking

The Head of Mission, S.E. Luis García Mercado, led the Dominican Mission’s participation in the Interinstitutional Commission Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking (CICESCT) meeting, alongside the Justice Education Society of Canada. During the gathering, they reaffirmed their commitment to the bilateral cooperation agreement signed in August 2023, focusing on the fight against human trafficking in the Northern Triangle countries—Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

The primary agenda of the meeting revolved around discussions on the crucial pathway for receiving key donations aimed at bolstering the fight against human trafficking, a pressing issue in these affected nations. Additionally, strategic collaborations were outlined to secure technological equipment, computer programs, and online training processes, reinforcing CICESCT’s efforts against human trafficking.

The session also included a transparency and results report for the upcoming year on budget execution. Furthermore, the presentation of reforms to the penal code and their socialization with social actors and collaborators was discussed.

According to the Executive Secretary of CICESCT, the commission will persist in strengthening strategic alliances to intensify the fight against sexual and commercial exploitation and human trafficking in Honduras and other Northern Triangle countries of Central America.

Expressing the significance of the Dominican Republic’s participation, Ambassador Luis García, Head of Mission, emphasized, “For the Dominican Republic, it is of utmost importance to have participated in this multi-sector meeting, as we are also affected by these issues prevalent in this time of great uncertainty.”

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Paul Tierney
January 31, 2024 8:43 am

The RD should have included the trafficking along its border with Haiti as a subject to be addressed at the agenda (It may have been an unpublished backroom plan) The RD should look for solutions, consulting with other states would be wise.