World February 5, 2024 | 10:22 am

Dominican Consulate in NY awarded “Best Digital Communication System of 2023”

New York, US.- The Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in New York has received a diploma of recognition for achieving the title of Best Digital Communication System of 2023, as declared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX).

The virtual award ceremony took place on the Zoom platform, with key members of the Consulate’s Communication team participating. This notable team includes Elías Barreras Corporán, the director of Public Relations, Henry Almonte, responsible for Digital Communication, Ambiorix Hernández, head of Photography, Miguel Cohn, head of the Commercial Section, and Rafael Santos from Press and Communications.

This accolade not only applauds the efforts of the Dominican Consulate in New York but also acknowledges the dedication of the permanent missions of the Dominican Republic to UNESCO and the UNWTO. These missions were also commended for their outstanding work in communication throughout the year 2023.

Furthermore, the embassies of the Dominican Republic in Mexico, Japan, and Brazil received recognition for their noteworthy contributions to creativity, strategic content, and digital communication, respectively.

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