World February 5, 2024 | 8:06 am

Guy Philippe calls for street protests this Monday

Haiti.- Former rebel leader Guy Philipe has once again reached out to the Haitian people, urging them to take to the streets starting this Monday. In his message, he calls for a determined and courageous demonstration against certain international sectors and Haiti’s Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, emphasizing the nation’s desire for a different and secure destiny.

Philipe asserts that the time has come for serious police officers and the general populace to unite and show strength in the streets. The objective is to convey to international sectors, Ariel Henry, and the world that they are unified as one people. He emphasizes the need to take control of their destiny and prevent those with ill intentions from continuing to harm a populace aspiring for peace and development.

Rejecting external pressures, Philipe underscores the sovereignty of the Haitian people and their rich history. He expresses frustration with past instances where external influences dictated their actions. In a circulating video on social networks, he conveys the message that the Haitian people seek peace and tranquility, envisioning a nation where children can walk safely, and everyone has enough food.

Philipe emphasizes that the revolutionary spirit will persist until those in power are held accountable for leading Haiti to a better and safer place. He calls for change and emphasizes the importance of February 7 in Haiti’s political history, marking the day when a president elected at the polls should assume power every five years.

Addressing concerns about upcoming elections, Philipe notes the absence of indications for elections in Haiti this year, citing the yet-to-be-launched Electoral Council and plans for a constitutional review before elections.

Guy Philipe, elected senator of the Republic in the 2016 elections, was arrested in January 2017 and extradited to the United States by the Anti-Drug Trafficking Brigade (BLTS). Despite his arrest preventing him from taking the oath of office, Philipe remains a prominent figure. He led an armed revolt in 2003-2004, contributing to the departure of President Aristide from power and his subsequent exile to Africa.

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