World February 13, 2024 | 10:39 am

Plasmando Sueños 2024: empowering visionaries in New York City

New York.- The highly anticipated event, Plasmando Sueños 2024, unfolded in New Rochelle, New York City, captivating attendees with over seven hours of insightful sessions on mental health, financial education, abundance, and the law of attraction. The gathering, considered the “most anticipated event at the beginning of the year,” welcomed more than 100 participants eager to delve into creating their vision boards and pursuing tangible and intangible goals.

A unique feature of this year’s New York edition was the panel discussion titled “You Deserve What You Dream Of,” spearheaded by beauty and wellness brands mentor, Estefani Germán. Moderated by journalist and writer Eliecer Marte, the panel featured financial analyst Stephanie Nuesi from Google, lifestyle and fashion influencer Lela Espinal, YouTuber Raymundo Aquino (El Ray Studios), event industry entrepreneur Elizabeth Vargas, and content creator Wendylys Morel (La Narradora).

Plasmando Sueños attendees were treated to remarkable presentations, including one by engineer and finance expert Juan Carlos Guilbe and psychologist Susana Wise, an expert in family constellations and abundance. These sessions provided valuable insights for the creation of vision boards and planning for the year 2024.

The event featured collaborations with La Casita de Joshua for delightful breakfast and snack platters, Yala Kitchen led by Chef Yala for a unique gastronomic experience, Sweet Crystals for a sweet touch at the closing, and impressive audiovisual coverage by Solares Photography, Batista Films, LMK Media, GQexclusive, and Certified Photograph. The event’s vibrant atmosphere was complemented by the enchanting decoration crafted by Golden Dream Creations, with hosting by Mariely de la Cruz and lively tunes from DJ Veloz.

Production was executed by Anorki Rodríguez and Media Pichardo, while Verónica Cepeda and the entire Plasmando Sueños team coordinated the event. Esther Barrancos commenced the event with a prayer, entrusting this edition of Plasmando Sueños to God. The event featured special appearances by worshiper Mayerlyn Gómez, known as “Margie of everything a little,” and writer/healing mentor Nilvia Sención.

As a series of experiential meetings, Plasmando Sueños, led by Isveny Pichardo and a select group of experts, has become a renowned brand of events in New York City. After its successful first edition in the Dominican Republic, Plasmando Sueños is gearing up for its Boston edition, tentatively scheduled for Sunday, March 10th.

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