World February 23, 2024 | 3:30 pm

DGCP garners international recognition in the Public Procurement Award

Paraguay.- The General Directorate of Public Procurement (DGCP) was honored with the Innovation in Public Procurement Award at the XVIII Annual Conference of the Inter-American Government Procurement Network in Asunción, Paraguay. The award was presented under the category “Management of institutional change, strategic vision, and culture of innovation.” DGCP earned this recognition for its technological solutions developed through the “Innova Compras” Innovation Factory, contributing to efficiency and transparency in the contracting system through technology and data science.

The Innovation Factory serves as a catalyst for research projects, prototype development, and problem diagnosis in the contracting system, aiming to provide solutions to public administration challenges. Carlos Pimentel, the general director of Contracting Public, expressed joy at the international recognition of the Innovation Factory, highlighting the DGCP’s commitment to enhancing its functions and contributing to the investment climate and legal security in the country.

Carlos Romero, the management director of the National Public Procurement System, mentioned that the institution has developed 12 technological solutions under the Innovation Factory, including the virtual assistant Lici Compras, the RD Contracting App, the Price Information System, the Preventive and Reactive Alert System (SAPR), the Comprehensive Data Monitoring and Analysis System, the Document Analysis AI, and the Information Management System Preventive Monitoring. Additionally, ongoing projects include Efi Compras, the carbon footprint calculator, and an Investigation and Complaints Monitoring System.

The award aims to identify and highlight high-impact solutions in public procurement developed in the region, promoting entities that are open, transparent, innovative, efficient, and citizen-adapted. This year, 23 innovative experiences from 10 member countries were submitted, and the conference focused on “Enhancing development with public-private collaboration through State procurement.” Authorities and experts from 25 countries participated, analyzing important trends in global public procurement.

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