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Miami proclaims Dominican-American heritage week

Miami, Florida.- The Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in Miami has officially received the proclamation from the City of Miami, designating the “Dominican American Heritage Week.” This annual celebration, scheduled from February 22 to 28, aligns with the festivities commemorating the 180th Anniversary of the Dominican Republic’s Independence.

Mayor Francis Suárez presented the proclamation to Consul General Dr. Geanilda Vásquez at a ceremony held in the city hall’s council chamber, marking a historic moment for the consular administration and benefitting the Dominican diaspora.

Highlighting the Dominican Republic’s democratic standing, the proclamation emphasizes the city’s recognition of this significant historical period during the country’s 180th Independence Anniversary on February 27. Dr. Vásquez and her consular team see this recognition as a testament to the importance of the Dominican diaspora in Miami.

Expressing gratitude to President Luis Abinader for collaborative efforts with Miami authorities, Dr. Vásquez emphasized the positive impact on the diaspora and the broader contributions extending to the Dominican Republic.

Appreciating the warm reception from local authorities during her nearly year-long tenure in the cosmopolitan city, Dr. Vásquez acknowledged the pivotal role of commercial aspects in her efforts for diaspora welfare. She also commended two entities, Latinos Unidos led by Dr. Amada Vargas and the Coalition Hispana led by Rosa Kasse, for their commendable efforts in promoting Dominican identity.

As part of the 180th Independence Anniversary celebrations, the Consulate General is actively participating in cultural activities and promoting patriotic values organized by INDEX and various entities. Notable events include a conference at the Port of Miami addressing Tourism Trends, Ecotourism, and Conservation, where Dr. Vásquez joined diplomats from other nations.

Additionally, a Thanksgiving Mass was held at the Mission of Altagracia Church in Little Santo Domingo, followed by a traditional Floral Offering at Juan Pablo Duarte Park in Allapattah. These activities, attended by consular officials and INDEX members, emphasized the importance of preserving Dominican identity and true patriotism.

The Consul General recognized the Duartiano Institute in Miami, including Julissa Pérez and others, for their presence and contribution to the events. As part of the program, a Flag was officially presented to Tribeca Restaurant by INDEX and the Consulate, symbolizing the promotion of patriotic values.

Consul General Geanilda Vásquez’s proactive approach involves supporting cultural entities with planned activities during the Month of the Homeland, fostering stronger ties among different diaspora organizations in Miami for the community’s overall development.

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