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Gang attack at Haiti’s Toussaint Louverture Airport sparks panic

Port-au-Prince, Haiti.- A state of panic unfolded this Thursday at Toussaint Louverture Airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, following an attack by armed gangs. Reports from Haitian media indicate that a plane scheduled to fly to Cuba was targeted by projectiles, leading to heightened alertness among airport employees.

Although the reports don’t specify injuries resulting from the attack, the situation in Port-au-Prince and its surroundings witnessed significant tension marked by exchanges of automatic weapons fire. This unrest prompted the cessation of activities in several locations, as confirmed by Haiti 24.

The metropolitan region experienced intense tensions, with the sound of automatic weapon shots heard in various areas, including the center of Port-au-Prince, Bel-Air, the airport route, the base of Delmas, Tabarre, and the Cul-de-sac plain.

The Toussaint Louverture International Airport and Guy Malary airport, handling local flights, were both impacted, causing panic among employees and travelers. Images depict bullet holes in a plane flying from Haiti to Cuba and damage to the waiting room at Guy Malary airport.

The reasons behind the attacks by armed groups remain unknown. Residents rushed to reach their homes amid the chaos.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s absence during the attacks, as he is in Kenya finalizing details of the multinational mission authorized by the United Nations, adds complexity to the situation.

The repercussions of the attacks led to the cancellation of international flights to and from the United States at Toussaint Louverture International Airport. Domestic flights were also suspended as at least one plane and airport facilities faced gunfire from automatic weapons. Airlines took the decision to suspend operations to ensure the safety of travelers, ground equipment, crews, and planes. Sunrise Airways, responding to the gunfire near the Rita crossing, announced the suspension of all flights until further notice.

Source: RNN

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March 1, 2024 12:19 pm

Sunrise Airways, you must be joking! It’s a joint venture of DR and Lithuanian oportunists. Bye bye, A321 Samana

Dave Lopes
March 3, 2024 3:18 pm
Reply to  OSINTDR

BS. Sunrise Airways has no connection to DR r Lithuania. It is Haitian owned.