World April 1, 2024 | 6:31 pm

Breaking News: National Palace of Haiti under attack

Port-au-Prince.- Today, the National Palace of Haiti faces a violent attack by armed assailants, resulting in several employees being trapped inside. Reports indicate that at least five police officers have been injured, with one of them sustaining serious injuries.

As of now, intense gunfire continues in the area, accompanied by fierce clashes between gang members and the police in the main public square of Port-au-Prince, Champs de Mars, which is in close proximity to the National Palace.

The armed assailants, affiliated with the ‘Live Together’ coalition led by the influential Jimmy Cherizier, also known as ‘Barbecue’, have succeeded in setting fire to a National Police armored vehicle near the National Palace.

News in development…

Source: EFE

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April 1, 2024 6:37 pm

What a surprise

April 2, 2024 1:50 pm

Just when you think this place can’t sink any lower…