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USCIS implements new immigration form fees

Houston, US.- As of this Monday, new fees have been introduced for various immigration forms in the United States, marking the first adjustment made by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) since 2016.

While some immigration procedures have seen a reduction in fees, many have experienced increases of up to 201%. These adjustments affect procedures related to employment-based visas, work permits, adjustment of status, citizenship and naturalization, as well as family applications.

The fee increases were announced in January via the Federal Register, following a year-long period for public comments that garnered over 5,400 responses. In response to feedback, the agency has introduced several fee waivers and discounts for specific applicants, including low-income victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, as well as U.S. military service members.

Furthermore, USCIS has implemented a $50 discount for online filers and expanded eligibility for reduced naturalization fees to low-income applicants.

The rationale behind the fee increases is to enable USCIS to recover a larger portion of its operating costs and facilitate more timely processing of new applications. USCIS Director Ur M. Jaddou stated, “For the first time in more than seven years, USCIS is updating our rates to better meet the needs of our agency, allowing us to provide more timely decisions to those we serve.”

As an agency that finances 96% of its operations through immigration fees, USCIS has faced a mounting workload and criticism for processing delays. These fee adjustments aim to address these challenges and improve service delivery to applicants.


Procedures Current rate New rate Difference
I-90 to replace permanent resident card (online, without biometric services) $455 $415 -$40
I-90 to replace permanent resident card (online, with biometric services) $540 $415 -$125
I-102 to process/replace entry or exit document $445 $560 $115
I-129 H1 nonimmigrant worker classification $460 $460 $0
I-129 H2A nonimmigrant worker beneficiaries $460 $1,090 $630
I-129 H2A unnamed beneficiaries of nonimmigrant workers $460 $530 $70
I-129 petition for workers with L visa $460 $1,385 $925
I-129 petition for workers with O visa $460 $1,055 $595
I-129CW petition for transient workers and E, H3, P, Q, R or TN visas (with biometric services) $545 $1,015 $470
I-129CW petition for transient workers and E, H3, P, Q, R or TN visas (without biometric services) $460 $1,015 $555
I-129F petition for foreign fiancé $535 $675 $140
I-130 foreign fiancé petition (online processing) $535 $625 $90
I-130 foreign fiancé petition (paper procedure) $535 $675 $140
I-131 travel document application $575 $630 $55
I-131 travel document application (with biometric services) $660 $630 -$30
I-140 petition for foreign workers $700 $715 $15
I-290B notification to appeal the petition $675 $800 $125
I-485 application for permanent residence or adjustment of status (with biometric services) $1,225 $1,440 $215
I-539 application to extend or change status (online, with biometric services) $455 $420 -$35
I-765 application for work authorization document (online, with biometric services) $495 $470 -$25
N-400 application for naturalization or citizenship (online) $640 $710 $70
N-400 application for naturalization or citizenship (online, with biometric services) $725 $710 -$15
N-600 application for copy of citizenship certificate (online) $1,170 $1,335 $165
H1B Registration Fee $220 $235 $15
Biometric services $85 $30 -$55


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