Tourism April 3, 2024 | 9:49 am

David Collado: Haiti situation poses no threat to Dominican tourism

Miami, US.- David Collado, the Minister of Tourism, expressed confidence on Tuesday that the Dominican Republic’s tourism sector will continue its robust growth trajectory, dismissing any perceived threats. Speaking from Miami, USA, where he attended a commercial exhibition (Trade Show) alongside tourism representatives, Collado highlighted the consistent increase in visitor arrivals week by week.

Comparing the current performance to the record-breaking year of 2023, when over 10,000 tourists arrived, Collado noted that the growth is now in double digits, a feat that was not initially anticipated.

Collado emphasized that the ongoing unfortunate events in neighboring Haiti have not hindered the development of Dominican tourism. While expressing regret for the situation in Haiti, he reiterated that it has not impacted tourism. He underscored the importance of sending a clear signal in this regard.

The Minister attributed this positive outlook to the collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors, emphasizing principles of transparency, innovation, and joint decision-making.

Rather than dwelling on past successes, Collado emphasized a forward-thinking approach, stating, “We don’t sit around talking about the successes of the past, but every day we think outside the box.” He highlighted the significant presence of the Dominican Republic at the event in Miami, where over 1,100 appointments were scheduled.

According to information provided, more than 500 tour operators from the United States, Canada, and Latin America are participating in the Trade Show, with 253 of them representing various cities such as Orlando, Toronto, Montreal, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.

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Paul Tierney
April 3, 2024 11:51 am

No threat? Then how come some of the resorts an exclusive residential zones of the east have plans to close roads and increase police and military occupation on their perimeters.

Mr. Sensible
April 3, 2024 8:03 pm

The only thing that matters to Collado is resorts and airports. There is more to tourism than Spanish, Mexican and American owned resorts. I lost 5 bookings worth 55 persons in March due to the parties not wanting to leave the resort due to the Haiti situation. April is looking gloomy as well.