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Dominican Republic’s TP-75 ‘Dulus’ shines at FIDAE 2024

Santiago de Chile.– The Dominican Republic Air Force is making a notable impression at the International Air and Space Fair, FIDAE 2024, held in Chile, showcasing the TP-75 “Dulus” aircraft in a historic participation.

Major General Carlos Ramón Febrillet Rodríguez, the General Commander, emphasized the significance of this achievement, marking a milestone for Dominican aviation by presenting the TP-75 “Dulus” aircraft for the first time in the history of such a prestigious event.

Assembled by the Dominican Republic Air Force, the TP-75 “Dulus” aircraft demonstrates the skill and expertise of Dominican pilots, contributing to the country’s aeronautical development through its exhibition.

A highlight of the event is the breathtaking low-altitude acrobatics, showcasing the exceptional training and proficiency of FARD pilots, as highlighted by the Commanding General.

Lieutenant Colonel Amin Díaz Mercedes shared insights into the aircraft’s journey, which commenced from the San Isidro Air Base on March 31. Making stops in Anguilla, Barbados, Guyana, Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina before reaching its final destination in Chile, the aircraft completed a remarkable 48-hour flight covering 500 nautical miles.

Díaz Mercedes further emphasized the efficient fuel consumption of the aircraft, using only 285 gallons of conventional fuel, equating to just a thousand dollars in fuel expenses. He expressed pride in representing the Dominican Republic with dignity before the global aeronautical community.

The Dominican Republic Air Force extended gratitude to all institutions and individuals involved in this significant achievement, including the Dominican Embassy in Chile, the Ministry of Tourism, and Flying Legend Americas, for their unwavering support.

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April 12, 2024 5:00 pm

Dominican Air Force should be focusing on the acquisition of drones rather than investing in World World 2 looking aircraft. I mean, literally, does the pilot need to open the canopy to fire at enemy fighter jets? Modern nations are building fleets of drones, not world two propeller planes.