World April 12, 2024 | 3:36 pm

Honduras thanks the Dominican Republic for evacuating 18 nationals

Tegucigalpa.- The Honduran government expressed gratitude towards Germany, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic on Thursday for their collaboration in evacuating 18 Honduran citizens stranded in Haiti due to escalating security concerns.

Honduras’ Foreign Minister, Eduardo Enrique Reina, extended appreciation to his Dominican counterpart, Roberto Álvarez, for the support rendered by the Dominican Republic in evacuating seven Hondurans from Haiti, in coordination with Sonia Cross, the Honduran ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

Reina also acknowledged the assistance provided by Germany, Mexico, and various institutions in facilitating the evacuation of 11 Hondurans and their relatives.

Two Hondurans opted to remain in Haiti, according to the Honduran Foreign Minister.

In recent weeks, thousands of individuals have fled Port-au-Prince to escape violence perpetrated by criminal gangs who control significant portions of the capital. The UN Office for Human Rights characterized the situation at the end of March as a “cataclysm,” with over 1,500 deaths attributed to these groups so far this year, urging bold and immediate action to address the crisis.

In response to the insecurity plaguing the region, the Haitian government extended the nightly curfew in the Western department of Port-au-Prince for an additional seven days within the state of emergency.

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