World May 17, 2024 | 1:03 pm

U.S. Border Patrol detains 13 undocumented immigrants

Image from Pexels

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.- U.S. Border Patrol agents detained 13 undocumented immigrants from the Dominican Republic who arrived by boat early Thursday morning in Villa Pesquera, Isabela.

On May 16, at approximately 12:18 a.m., agents from the Ramey Sector responded to a maritime smuggling event and discovered an abandoned vessel on the shore. The boat was described as a 30-foot blue homemade vessel with a 40-hp Mercury outboard motor. The 13 individuals were transported to the Ramey Border Patrol Station for deportation.

This incident followed an earlier one in which Border Patrol and Puerto Rico Police agents detained 46 non-citizens and discovered one deceased woman.

The journey’s dangers include victimization by smuggling organizations, the risk of criminal prosecution, and the potential loss of life at sea.

The Ramey Sector is one of twenty-one sectors across the United States. Covering the U.S. territorial islands of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, it is the only Border Patrol sector located outside the continental United States.

The sector’s entire border zone comprises coastline, and its area of responsibility includes approximately 6,000 square miles of land and water, encompassing the twelve-mile strip of territorial waters surrounding the islands.

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Carlos Hernandez
May 17, 2024 2:30 pm

Better go the Mexico way ….Biden will give you a free pass.

May 17, 2024 3:18 pm

They need visa for Mexico ???????? …
Journey has to start probably in Colombia ,than long grueling trip ahead …