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Abinader arrives in Portugal for meeting with President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

Lisbon.- President Luis Abinader has arrived in Portugal to fulfill a packed agenda, including a meeting with his Portuguese counterpart, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

He landed at the Figo Maduro Military Airport in Lisbon, where he was welcomed by Jorge Silva, the Head of Protocol of the Portuguese State, Dominican ambassador Miguel A. Prestol, and the commander of the Military Base, Abel Oliveira.

President Abinader’s official agenda will begin on Tuesday at 11:15 AM with a visit to the Belem Palace. His official delegation will await his arrival there.

Upon arrival, President Abinader will receive formal honors, including a salute to the flag, the national anthems of both countries, and a review of the troops.

Following the honors, the two presidents will enter the Belem Palace for an official photo and the signing of the guest book, followed by the presentation of their delegations.

The presidents will then hold a private meeting in the audience room of the Portuguese president. At 12:05 PM, both leaders will deliver press statements in the Sala das Bicas.

Later, a lunch will be held in honor of President Abinader and his delegation.

In the afternoon, President Abinader will visit the Agency for Administrative Modernization (AMA), accompanied by his official delegation. He will be welcomed by Sofía Mota, Director of the AMA Board of Directors.

During the visit, AMA’s initiatives and projects for administrative modernization and the digital transformation of public administration will be presented. Additionally, the digital landscape of the Dominican Republic will be showcased.

President Abinader is scheduled to return to the Dominican Republic on Saturday, June 1, in the afternoon.

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