World June 27, 2024 | 8:10 am

Haitian Prime Minister meets with Kenyan police

Port-au-Prince, Haiti.- Prime Minister Garry Conille visited the Clercine base in the Tabarre commune, north of Port-au-Prince, where the first contingent of Kenyan police has arrived. During his visit, Conille reiterated his commitment to reclaiming territory controlled by armed gangs.

“The Haitian State now has the support of the newly arrived security forces to regain control of the country, house by house, neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city,” declared Conille. He urged the population to be patient and acknowledged the progress made in combating gang violence.

“We are advancing step by step. We ask the population to be patient, as we stand on the brink of a new beginning,” Conille stated, emphasizing the significance of this mission in the fight against insecurity.

In the presence of the head of the Kenyan delegation, Monica Juma, Conille expressed the Haitian government’s and people’s gratitude to the Multinational Security Support Mission in Haiti (MMAS), which Kenya will lead.

The first contingent of Kenyan police arrived in Port-au-Prince on Tuesday morning at Toussaint Louverture International Airport, marking the beginning of their operations.

Source: EFE

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