Economy May 21, 2015 | 9:38 am

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Finished: 2nd subway line’s ‘geotechnically complex’ tunnel

Santo Domingo.- The 2nd Metro (subway) line’s 3- kilometer long extension tunnel was conclude Wednesday as construction continues on track to start operating by early 2016.

Transport Reform Office (Opret) director Diandino Peña said the structure is one of the most complex phases of a modern transportation system, which will link the Santo Domingo East with the National District.

During a brief on-site ceremony the official said the next step is the lay of the tracks. "A tunnel of such unprecedented geotechnical complexity had never been spliced in the Dominican Republic before."

The tunnel will link four stations and starts at Francisco del Rosario Sanchez (La 17) bridge to the station at the San Vicente de Paul, next to the Mendoza road.

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