Economy December 17, 2015 | 10:35 am

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Agencies boost transparency for taxpayers´ money

Santo Domingo.- The InternalTaxes Agency (DGII) and the Accounts Chamber (CCRD) on Wednesday announced anagreement to coordinate the National Financial Statements System and exchange theinformation required to oversee the tax issues of government agencies.

DGII Guarocuya Felix andAccounts Chamber member Pedro Ortiz signed the agreement they affirm bolsters transparencyin the use of taxpayer money.

Felix pledged tocoordinate they flow of information which the Accounts Chamber requires undercurrent legislation. The agreement includes training and exchange on bestpractices.

Nonetheless theofficials noted that their agencies reserve the right to withhold materialsprotected under the freedom of information law or which form part of an ongoinginvestigation or audit.

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