Economy January 5, 2016 | 9:02 am

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Dominican Republic among countries benefit from cheaper crude

Santo Domingo.- From 2012to 2014 Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Peru, Panama,Costa Rica and Brazil were Latin America´s countries which benefited the most fromlower oil prices, according to a report from the Economic Commission for LatinAmerica and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

The study says to alesser extent Chile, Honduras and Nicaragua also lowered fuel prices, whereas Ecuador,Bolivia, Mexico and Argentina posted no significant decrease.

The study "Fiscalimpact of oil price volatility in Latin America and the Caribbean" byAndrés Arroyo Pelaez and Fernando Cossio Muñoz analyzes the impact of the fallin oil prices in the region´s countries.

The Industry andCommerce Ministry website reveals that at the end of December 2012 premiumgasoline cost RD$231.10; Regular RD$214.00; regular diesel RD$202.60, and propanegas RD$ 91.53 per gallon.

But from December 19 to25, 2015, premium gasoline cost RD$182.40; regular RD$164.90; regular dieselRD$124.90; and propane gas RD$80.00.


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