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AES ominicana combined cycle project advances 60%+

Santo Domingo.- Since the construction of the combinedcycle on the Dominican Power Partners (DPP) power plant began last October, the work continues on the projectthat will add 114 megawatts of efficient and clean energy to the energy matrixcountry based on natural gas.

The first column that will house one of the heat recoveryboilers was installed recently. This milestone marks the beginning of themechanical work. DPP authorities did not want to overlook this fact and celebratewith a blessing that the project is at 60% of overall progress smoothly, infull compliance with the budget and without any safety incidents having beenreported.

Edwin De los Santos, president of AES Dominicana, companyexecutives and the Combined Cycle project team, led by its director AbrahamGarrido, the production manager of DPP, Juan Carlos Cobian and the team ofTecnicas Reunidas company contractor which conducts the work, were presentduring the blessing.

Major equipment such as boilers and generator have come tothe country since last November. They have also completed all the work on themain foundations of the turbine and boiler and continue with the work on thecooling tower, and the electrical and mechanical buildings.

What is a combined-cycle?

The conversion to combined cycle seeks to maximize theefficiency of these generating units and consists of the use of combustiongases from the two turbines to existing gas, through two recovery boilers heatedto produce steam, which will be used to move a new steam turbine to generateelectricity. This new steam turbine increased net installed capacity of the LosMina Energy Park by 114 MW, raising total output to 324 MW.

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