Economy May 17, 2016 | 8:17 am

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Parching drought over, aqueducts at record production

Santo Domingo.- Santo Domingo water utility (CAASD) directorAlejandro Montas on Monday said the system will be producing as much as 415million gallons of potable water throughout this week, the most since it wasfounded in 1973.

He called it a “historic production" because all aqueductsoperate under normal conditions with good levels at the catchments.

"Since Monday our drinking water production systems willbe supplying between 413, and 415 million gallons, which is a record figure forthe CAASD," the official said.

Montas said the water source are producing 316 milliongallons per day, bouncing from last year’s deficit of less than 270 milliongallons per day in Greater Santo Domingo, due to the months-long drought.

He added that saidthat the well fields are contributing 97 million gallons to the system, that includeValdesia, Haina-Manoguayabo, Isabela, Barrera de Salinidad, Duey and Isa-Mana.

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